Unable to go further with Bug 254831

After more testing, I’m still at the same par that I was for a few weeks now. Debug points are being hit, except at the exact location before the error. I am unable to determine where exactly the error coming from, and will be selecting a new bug to work on due to the complexity of this bug, following Jordan’s advice. There is also a similar bug Bug 251637, which gives basically the same problem. I also noticed that one of my classmate Tommy Lo, is listed in the bug report list. However, it seems that he is not working on this bug currently. I will post a bugzilla report and move on to a different bug.


3 Responses to “Unable to go further with Bug 254831”

  1. Hi, Nabeel.

    Would you like to get in touch with Tommy? You can blog about
    what both he and you’ve experienced.


  2. Kevin has noticed that your bug and Tommy’s bug are related.
    Please read my blog posting about our face-to-face team meeting.
    Do you want to get in touch with Kevin too?

  3. Hi, Nabeel.

    I’ve read the comment you posted to Bugzilla. Do you have time to attach a brief summary on where in the code that you’ve set your breakpoints. This will help other people to continue working on this bug. At least I could take
    a look at it…


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