Debugging & Bug 254831

I’m still trying to source the location of bug 254831. I have posted the errors recieved on the bug page for bug 254831. In debugging and trying to locate breakpoints, I was able to locate where the new server wizard is called, and where servers are called from, but still unable to locate the primary code related to the bug.

In debug mode, when the “Add New Server” wizard is started, it is being called from the “” class in the “org.eclipse.wst.server.ui” cvs package. The actual package is “org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.internal”, which relates to the servers. After this class, it then goes into the “” class, followed by the “” class, both located in the “org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.internal.actions” package.

After these, when someone selects a server from the list, for example Apache Tomcat v6.0″, it then calls the “” class in the “org.eclipse.wst.servercore.internal” package. This is then followed by the “” class in the same package. After these, I’m unable to hit further breakpoints, to locate just before the error message.

The findings so far are important, as I have a general idea of where to start from. I have to continue check out packages, to locate more breakpoint closer to the errors. I will update when more findings are found.


One Response to “Debugging & Bug 254831”

  1. Hi, Nabeel.

    Keep up your excellent work.
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