Replication of Bug 254831

As mentioned earlier, the bug I’ve chosen to work with is bug 254831. It is a P3 WTP ServerTools bug. The steps below are how to replicate this bug successfully.

The first step is to open the “Web” perspective. This is found in Window>Open Perspective>Other>Web


Then in the “Servers” tab at the bottom right, right click in and add new server, which will initiliaze the “Add New Server Wizard”.


Select Apache>Tomcat 6.0 Server and click “Next”. Then select “Download & Install” in the new window.


Choose an empty directory/create a new directory for it to install the files into.


Upon selecting okay, an error message occurs.


The error message says:

The Tomcat installation directory is not valid. It is missing expected file or
folder lib/jasper-el.jar.

The wizard then gives the user the options of “Back” or “Cancel”, even though the files were downloaded into the directory selected.

Files were saves

Files were saved

This should not happen, and I will start testing different scenarios in different perspectives, with different servers to see the behavior. I will update with the results of my findings.

When I published this bug replication, I forgot to mention at that time that there is a workaround. I have stopped working on this bug for quite some time now, but forgot to talk about a work around as some people are requesting.

When you click “Download and Install”, the files actually downloads and install to the directory that you point the installation towards. After you get the error message mentioned above, cancel the wizard and start the “Add New Server” wizard again. This time click “Browse” instead of “Download and Install”. Find the directory that Tomcat was downloaded to and click “OK”. It will now detect the server correctly, and you can complete the wizard.


8 Responses to “Replication of Bug 254831”

  1. Hi, Nabeel.
    Go for it!


  2. Any solution to this issue? I am experiencing same problem. Even though I am pointing to the right installation directory, I get the error “The Tomcat installation directory is not valid. It is missing expected file or folder lib/jasper-el.jar”. Any workaround?

  3. Myself also facing same problem .Any solution for this?

  4. vasudevan Says:

    the workaround problem worked for me , thanks a lot

  5. Hi,

    I am not able to add Apaache2 server to Eclipse Wtp on Ubuntu 10.10 and seeking your help.

    1.#lsb_release -d -s -c
    Ubuntu 10.10 maverick

    2. #/usr/sbin/apache2 -v
    Server version: Apache/2.2.16 (Ubuntu)

    3. #Eclipse>windows>preferences>Java>Installed_JREs:
    Name: java-6-openjdk Location: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6openjdkType:Standard VM

    4. #Eclipse>windows>preferences>Server>RuntimeEnviron ment
    Server Runtime Environment shows blank

    5. Tried to add
    Apache Tomcat v7.0
    Browse :/etc/apache2 says: Unknown version of Tomcat was specified.
    JRE: java-6-openjdk(/workbench default)

    followed the link :…2EEWebApp.html

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Rajkumar Says:

    Hi anyone find the solution,i am getting the same error.
    It is missing expected file or folder lib/jasper-el.jar in eclipse

  7. Nirakar Mohanty Says:

    Thanks a lot for your workaround.. i was struggling around 2 hours to find out this issue ..thanks a lot again 🙂

    Nirakar Mohanty

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