Fix by classmate

Le Yang, along some background information and help by Kevin Vu, created a fix for bug 240698. Bug 240698 is exactly the same a my bug, just a different scenario. Even though the scenarios were different, the files related to the bugs were exactly the same. Using Le’s fix, mentioned on his blog, there was no second save dialogue prompt. Therefore, Le’s fix works for this bug as well.

I’ve tested this solution with different scenarios (multiple files, multiple servers), and it works fine. It seems that I was going about fixing this the wrong way. I was trying to link the SaveEditors method on the first prompt, to the saveDirty method in the second prompt (mentioned in a previous blog entry). One thing he did notice was that the saveEditors method was duplicated in prelaunch. Once this was understood, his solution sounds correct. I will be testing more, and give updates, but this was an excellent job by Le.


One Response to “Fix by classmate”

  1. This means that Bug fixing in a small open source community works. It is an will be a good experience for you and your Seneca fellows.

    It could be nice if you try testing using JUnit (just a suggestion).


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