Not finding class

In the class, the preLaunchSave method is called that prompts the second save dialogue. Placing some print out statements showed that the “saveDirty” string returns “prompt”:

public static boolean preLaunchSave() {
        String saveDirty = getDefault().getPreferenceStore().getString(IInternalDebugUIConstants.PREF_SAVE_DIRTY_EDITORS_BEFORE_LAUNCH);
        if (saveDirty.equals(MessageDialogWithToggle.NEVER)) {
            return true;
        //return saveAllEditors(saveDirty.equals(MessageDialogWithToggle.PROMPT));
        return saveAllEditors(saveDirty.equals(MessageDialogWithToggle.NEVER));

It’s getting the message mainly from the getPreferenceStore() method in class, which is located in the “org.eclipse.ui.plugin” package, which I’m unable to find currently. I’m still searching for that class. However, I did found the details about that class, and that method on the net:

public IPreferenceStore getPreferenceStore() {
        // Create the preference store lazily.
        if (preferenceStore == null) {
            preferenceStore = new ScopedPreferenceStore(new InstanceScope(),getBundle().getSymbolicName());
         return preferenceStore;

So now, I’m trying to figure out where did the “getBundle()” method came from. Finding the AbstractUIPlugin class would be a start.


One Response to “Not finding class”

  1. HI, Nabeel.

    Did you post this to the webtools newsgroup and Bugzilla?
    Keep several communication channels open and wait for a reply…


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