Useful Research

Using the Eclipse help documentation online, useful information was found that can be helpful towards understanding how the “org.eclipse.wst.server.ui” package functions.

First off, in the API Reference for org.eclipse.wst.server.ui, only three classes are mentioned in the class summary: ServerUICore, ServerUIUtil and ServerLaunchConfigurationTab. This is a description of the main package, where the ServerUICore is the most important class:

“ServerUICore is the main entry-point for the API. From here, clients can get the wizard pages for a particular server type, get a label provider for all server types, or launch Run on Server directly.”

Very little else is offered in the eclipse help about this package. However, much more useful information can be found in the Web Application Development User Guide in the eclipse help documentation.

This guide contains lots of information about web application, including server tools, which Bug 227760 is related to. In the server tools section, one can understand the usages and how to’s on servers. Reading these, I came across some veru useful information that can help me out. In theStarting a server section, it gives the instructions on how to start a server.It also mentions:

“If you have selected the Automatically publish when starting servers check box on the Server preferences page (Window > Preferences > Server ), the workbench checks to see if your project and files on the server are synchronized prior to starting the server.”

This makes sense of what a server does when starting, as this can be seen while debugging my bug. There are more useful information in this documentation and I need to read more into it.


2 Responses to “Useful Research”

  1. Hi, Nabel.

    I had similar experience too. I found a Documentation link on the Eclipse webtools/WTP webiste. I also tried out the HELP feature in the Eclipse IDE.
    Since all of us are working on WTP bugs, I think all of us can post some questions to the newsgroup and the Bug Reports (the Bugziall) regarding documentation/API issues. I will blog what I’ve found about documentation later…


  2. Hi, Nabeel.
    I found this on the eclipse.webtools newsgroup. I wonder if it will be useful to you.

    Eclipse NewsPortal – eclipse.webtools
    Re: API for new servers
    Reply to thiseclipse.webtoolsNewsgroup list
    Subject: Re: API for new servers
    From: arvera@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Angel Vera)
    Newsgroups: eclipse.webtools
    Organization: IBM
    Date: Feb 10 2009 15:08:29

    You can find the more update documentation in the wtp-sdk package. You can
    download this package from any of our builds. Here is the link to the
    latest 3.1 build (at the time of this post):

    In the above link search for: wtp-sdk

    You can then launch the help system and look at the attached ISV

    I belive they are under the title ‘Server Tools Reference’.

    Good luck

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