Bug 227760 Source Code Location

Following the details on the Bug 227760 description page, and from detials of the “depends on” bug, the location of this bug lies primarily with the  “org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.internal.view.servers” in the “org.eclipse.wst.server.ui” package. Placing break points in various files, they were all hit, so a general understanding of how the save dialogue works was revealed.

The first breakpoint was inserted in the “StartAction.java” file at line 152 – “start(server, launchMode, shell)”. This is hit just before the save dialogue, just after the user has started the tomcat server. It then checks the server state and hits the “if (!ServerUIPlugin.saveEditors())”. This leads to the “ServerUIPlugin.java” – SaveEditors() method, which leads to the GetSaveEditors() method in the “ServerUIPreferences.java” class. It the goes through some “.class” files, before the WTP prompts the first “Save Dialogue”. When “No” is selected, it starts again in the “StartAction.java” class, followed by the “ServerUIPlugin.java” class. It then goes through many “.class” files and stays within the “Workbench.class” for a while before hitting the second “Save Dialogue”.

Through debuggin, it can safely be assumed that this bug is within the “org.eclipse.wst.server” package. Now, variable tracing and a lot more debugging is required to start resolving this bug.


3 Responses to “Bug 227760 Source Code Location”

  1. Nabeel,

    You could answer your questions, if you were able to attend the IBM presentation.

    Please try to come the Feb 24. It is about Plugin.


  2. Hi, Nabeel.

    Thank you for posting. I will try to track your bug down when I want to take a break…


  3. Hi, could I want to ask you a question?
    You only need to set the break point in the RCP, then run it on the platform WTP, the break point will be hit?

    I set several break points on my source files, but nothing is happened.

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